System Mechanic Professional Download

Why Choose System Mechanic Professional Download: This pro version software is a perfect computer repair software for your device. It optimizes computer files and clean unwanted files and fixes computer problems. It gives the perfect tune-up in your pc. Pro version provides excellent speeds on your device and protects your pc from unwanted junk files.

System mechanic professional download and activate in your device to boosts up computer speed. Protects privacy and secure your device from unwanted junk files. It keeps your pc clear of unwanted clutters and viruses. System Mechanic Pro version adjusts of hidden files, processor, browser, Internet for maximum speed and increases the performance of your desktop and laptop. It protects security and privacy. Improves the speed of your pc.

Activate & Download Steps of System Mechanic Professional Version

Download and installation process of System Mechanic Professional version.

Step 1

  1. Type in browser to create an iolo account.
  2. Create a new account type Order No: or Email Address.
  3. submit now.
  4. Create a password for login.
  5. Already have an account, Simply click on login now.
  6. Type email and password for login.
  7. After login into the account, download Iolo software from there.
  8. Click on download.

After this follow step number 2

Step 2

  1. Click on the preferred language
  2. Click on install now
  3. Installation start
  4. Click on Finish
  5. Click on ok to analyze now
  6. Analyzing start
  7. Click on the key to activate
  8. Click on the product information
  9. Enter the product key
  10. Activating product key process start
  11. Click on repair all
  12. The system will show Fair Or Good status

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How to Un-Install Iolo?

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Click on program & features.
  3. Select the system mechanic.
  4. Click un-install.
  5. Confirm to un-install.
  6. Wait, and after some minutes, you will see the system mechanic uninstalled from your pc.